Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're in that in-between period

Not a lot of news to report on the Milwaukee Community Music scene this week. So, let me pass on a real gem of the Internet that I've been listening to since last fall. It's called The Philcast - a daily podcast you can find at and ThePhilcast is the brainchild and work of former AM News radio guy Phil Cianciola. Ever since he was shown the door at WTMJ (about a year and a half ago), he has been working on a local Internet talk show. Every show is a lot of fun...where else can you can you hear about Bacon Cologne (Wednesday's podcast, or Show-gram as Phil calls it). So I encourage you to give ThePhilcast a try. And patronize his sponsors. I would hate to see this wonderful bit of Milwaukee culture go away. One other tidbit: the Tuesday shows have a segment called Tell-A-Friend Tuesday. So be sure to call in the the Phil Phone (888-414-PHIL) and mention that you heard about the PhilCast from the Milwaukee Community Music Blog, which is written by Bruce from Greenfield (that's how they know me on the PhilCast).

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