Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time for reflection and an event in Oshkosh

This is the time of religious holidays: Easter and Passover are the two that come to my mind immediately because I have many good Christian and Jewish friends. If you celebrate a holiday at this time of year, I wish the very best for you.

One note for people in the Fox Valley for Tuesday evening April 26. The Oshkosh Horn Choir under the direction of Dr. Bruce Atwell will perform at the First Congregational Church in Oshkosh beginning at 7 PM. This group is made up mostly of community horn players from all over eastern Wisconsin, from Green Bay to Milwaukee. Of course, there are a few horn students of Dr. Atwell performing as well. The Choir will perform a wide variety of music for about an hour or so. There is no charge for the concert, so don't miss it.

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