Sunday, March 22, 2020

Upcoming concert: Kettle Moraine Symphony

The Kettle Moraine Symphony will be featuring the wind and percussion sections at their next concert on Sunday May 3.  Entitled Winds, Percussion, and Romance, local high school students will join the symphony musicians in the first half, while the KMS performs an evergreen favorite in the second half.

The concert begins by featuring high school music students playing side by side with symphony musicians in a work named Flight by Claude T. Smith.  The work is the official march of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and was commissioned by the US Air Force Band in 1984.  Listen for references to the Pachelbel Cannon in the opening strains.

The second half of the concert features one of the most favorite works of concertgoers, the Second Symphony of Rachmaninoff.  (Fans of popular music will recognize that the theme of the third movement was used in an Eric Carmen song from 1976.)  The symphony is just plain beautiful! 

For more information or to order advance tickets, see the Kettle Moraine Symphony website

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