Sunday, September 26, 2010

News from the Fox Valley

Over the past few years, the founder of the Fox Valley Horn Choir, Don Krause, has organized a special event to raise scholarship money for students playing the French Horn. He calls it Horns A Plenty Christmas. For a number of years, the event occurred in Appleton. Last year, there was one in Milwaukee as well. He and his partner, Dr. Bruce Atwell who teaches Horn at UW Oshkosh, have been promoting the event nationwide.

I learned recently that Don can add another city to the list hosting Horns A Plenty Christmas: Washington DC. The date is Saturday December 4 and the location is the National Gallery of Art. Rehearsal begins at 12:30 PM with the concert to be held at 2 PM. All horn players are welcome to participate. The music is easy and the cost is low. Don's goal is a minimum of 100 horn players. And there is a rumor that the horn sections from some of the Service Bands will be attending. WOW!

The details will be posted on the Horns A Plenty Christmas web site once they are all worked out. But I bet there are a number of Milwaukee area horn players that are thinking ROAD TRIP!

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