Sunday, August 9, 2009

More fun at the State Fair

There is a great event coming up on Sunday August 16th at 3 PM. It's the Grandstand Show at the State Fair featuring the Wisconsin School Music Association Music Showcase.

The program will feature a number of different types of groups. Marching bands, jazz bands, and Launchpad groups all will be featured. (Launchpad groups are bands formed outside of school, usually rock or rap groups.) The different performing groups will be judged and the feedback from the event will help each of the music groups, and music programs, improve. Plus the groups chosen for the showcase get to play for a large audience, which is always a thrill. Everybody wins!

Some of the school performing groups include the Pius High School Jazz Combo, and the marching bands from Roncalli HS, Romeoville, HS and Mukwonago HS. Should be a lot of fun. Presentation of the plaques for participation should be completed by about 6 PM. A great afternoon.

So get to the State Fair for your cream puff, your favorite treat on a stick, and support our music students. A great day and a lot of fun.

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