Sunday, March 29, 2009

Milwaukee Festival Brass Youth Band

I mentioned a few posts ago that the Milwaukee Festival Brass have begun organizing a Youth brass band. 2009-2010 will be the inaugural year for the program. Auditions are open to any brass and percussion students who demonstrate a passion for music and are highly skilled on their instruments. Brass band music requires all of the brass musicians to learn treble clef and percussionist should be all around players as parts are rotated. F horn is not used in brass band and students will be asked to play e-flat tenor horns. Likewise, trumpet is not used and trumpeters will be asked to play cornet. Cornets, tenor horns and E-flat tuba will be provided.

The auditions for the Youth Brass Band will be held at the Lincoln School for the Arts, 820 E. Knapp Street in Milwaukee on Friday April 24th by appointment. For the audition, students will be asked to perform a 3-5 minute solo or etude, scales, double & triple tonguing and sight reading. Percussion will be asked to play drum set, timpani, and mallet percussion.

Dr. Patricia Backhaus will direct the NEW Milwaukee Festival Youth Brass. She has been passionately involved with brass music from a very young age and earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Pat is an internationally known trumpet and cornet soloist as well as a band history scholar. Her interest in pioneer women brass players stems from a doctoral project studying the history of early cornet soloists and her work as a band history scholar has been published in several international journals.

Call the Milwaukee Festival Brass to set up an audition appointment at 262-385-9627, OR visit our website at, to get more information. Questions can be emailed to:

And don't forget the MFB Annual Guest Night, where you can join the MFB members in an open rehearsal to see what it is like. Any brass or percussion player is invited to sit in. Please contact the MFB Manager at, and as always BRING A STAND.

Oh, one other thing...ENJOY!

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