Sunday, October 12, 2008

A concert in Racine this Thursday

The Racine Concert Band is performing this Thursday evening at Horlick High School with the Horlick High School Band at 7 PM. On the program are Four Dances from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein, Walter Hartley's Sinfonia No. 4, and Tears by David Maslanka. For the finale, members of the High School Band will sit in with the Racine Concert Band for a rousing Karl King march.

Just one comment for this upcoming concert. The big season of performances for the Racine Concert Band are the performances during the summer at the Racine Zoo. But during the school year, these musicians play at the Racine High Schools, and with the High School bands. It is a nice touch which gives the school musicians a taste of what performing is like after high school. A great tool to keep someone playing their horn in college! If you have Thursday evening open, I suggest you take in the concert.

On another subject, let me congratulate the members of the orchestra, and all of the cast at the Modjeska Youth Theater. Their performance of West Side Story was very good (I saw it on Friday evening). Here is a group that needs our support. The members of the Theater Group come from schools all over the Milwaukee area and must maintain a B average or better to continue. The performance I saw was very high quality - an excellent show. The orchestra was made up of members of a number of community music groups and their performance was equally as good. The Theater group has decided not to mount a production for the Christmas Season, but concentrate on fund raising instead. They are very short on cash and need to stabilize the finances before moving forward. Their production of Willy Wonka will be moved to the spring. Here is an excellent group doing wonderful things for our community, and they get very little publicity. Please consider supporting them...they do very good work.

Next week, a post on a special Halloween concert by the Wauwatosa Community Band.

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