Sunday, July 6, 2008

A tradition Continues

Tonight, July 6th at 7:30 PM, a tradition continues that has lasted 85 years. The Racine Concert Band will perform a series of 8 concerts beginning tonight at 7:30. For the next 8 Sunday evenings, you can enjoy a free concert at the Racine Zoo every Sunday evening.

The venue is very nice. The band shell is at the edge of a meadow at the bottom of a small hill with its back to Lake Michigan. The audience sits on the hill overlooking the Lake, and of course, the band. This natural amphitheater gives lots of room for you to bring the family, stretch out on a blanket or two, pop up your lawn chairs, or just sit on the grass. If you come earlier in the day, be advised that the Zoo now charges admission. But if you come for the concert, there is no admission charge.

It should be noted that the Racine Concert Band was also nationally recognized by the John Philip Sousa Foundation as one of the top community bands in all of North America. The Foundation awarded the Sudler Silver Scroll to the Racine Concert Band in 1995. The great music continues today.

Right now I do not have the listings of the music to be played, but I will get that information and publish it as soon as I have it. If you would like more information on the concert series, here is the link to the Racine Concert Band web site: And if you need directions or information about the Racine Zoo, check out their site:

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