Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Milwaukee Tradition for 43 years

A good concert yesterday by the Shorewood Concert Band...completed just as the first drops of rain descended upon Atwater Park. And as always, the chicken was marvelous. Now, onto the Milwaukee tradition.
You only have one chance this year to be a part of a 43 year tradition. On Tuesday June 26th, the Milwaukee American Legion Band will perform their one and only concert of the summer at Humboldt Park. The band has been performing at Humboldt Park during the summer since 1965. This year the number of performances has dropped to one.

The Milwaukee American Legion Band was organized by veterans returning from World War I, and has been performing in Milwaukee since 1920. It has won numerous national and international awards in its history. Quite an impressive history!

I do not have advance information on the program, but I do have some advice if you'd like to attend the concert. Bring a lawn chair and maybe some bug repellent. While the grass in front of the Swiss-chalet style stage is relatively soft at the beginning of the concert, your back side might be a bit sore by the end of the concert. And with all the rain we've had, all types of flying and biting pests will also be in attendance.

The concert begins at 6:30 PM. See you there. And don't forget your chair...and your spray!

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