Sunday, June 12, 2016

It's all at Humboldt Park - Chill On The Hill

The Chill On The Hill Festival, sponsored by the Bay View Neighborhood Association, has great music every week on Tuesday evening.  There are two special concerts you may be interested in.

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra performs a free concert at the Humboldt Park stage on Tuesday June 21 beginning at 6:30.  This blog usually promotes the concerts of community music groups, but the MSO performing a free concert in the park is one that I will list anyway.  Here is a great way to introduce kids to the wonderful sounds lf orchestral music.  Mark your calendar for this one.

Also, the Milwaukee American Legion Band will again perform at Humboldt Park this summer on Tuesday July 5.  The group has performed at Humboldt Park for as long as I can remember.  You can enjoy a concert of marches, show tunes, movie music, and more marches. 

And, for those inclined, just a short walk on the other side of the hill is the Humboldt Park beer garden, for something to enjoy with the concert.

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