Sunday, April 19, 2015

Get your tickets early for this one

This is a story of a musician who grew up in the Fox Valley and played in the Fox Valley Horn Choir while in high school.  He attended and graduated from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and is now playing in the horn section of the Colorado Symphony.  This person returns as the soloist for the opening weekend of the Fox Valley Symphony on October 3.  His name is Austin Larson.

Austin has played in a number of community music groups, and is proof that hard work (along with talent) brings about great results.  I think it is great that not only does he come home to solo for the Fox Valley Symphony, but he comes home to perform on opening night.  He will perform the first Horn Concerto by Strauss.  I am told by people who know that the Strauss One is a bear to play.

Austin first made the pages of this blog when he won the International Horn Society's Premier Soloist Competition.  And it is neat to think that this distinguished career began in the Fox Valley playing with the Fox Valley Horn Choir.

I have a feeling that this concert will be well attended.  I suggest that concert goers get their tickets very early.  If you wait, you might not be able to attend.

All the best to you, Austin!

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