Sunday, January 26, 2014

Breaking news and good news

First the breaking news.  One of the premier bands in the nation will perform at Shattuck Auditorium on the campus of Carroll University on Thursday February 6, beginning at 7:30.  The St. Olaf Band, under the direction of Dr. Timothy Mahr, will perform with the Youth Wind Orchestra of Wisconsin.  I have received only a little information about the concert, so I cannot give you a preview of the music.  However, the St. Olaf Band is one of the nation's best.  The New Yorker wrote that the St. Olaf Band is “one of America’s preeminent bands”.  You certainly do not want to miss this concert.  For more information, or to order tickets, check the St. Olaf Tickets web site or call 1-800-363-5487.

And now the good news.  Last summer I wrote about the funding issue with the Racine Concert Band.  The City of Racine is, like all other local governments, having an issue with funding all of its different programs.  In the initial budget proposal from the mayor, the Racine Concert Band was cut from the budget.  But it turns out that in the final budget that was adopted, the Band did receive reduced funding. 

The budget cut brought about two things.  First, the concerts during the school year, in which the Racine Concert Band joined the High School Bands at Horlick, Park, and Case, had to be cancelled for this current school year in order to continue the summer series of concerts.  Second, the Racine Concert Band itself is working to develop new sources of funding.  This development is now just beginning.

The summer season will happen in Racine in 2014.  Great news!

More as this moves forward. 

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