Sunday, September 29, 2013

More on the Racine Concert Band

The Racine Concert Band has a new web site.  With the summer season completed, it is being updated for the winter season of concerts.  In the past, the RCB performed with each of the three Racine High School Bands (Horlick, Park, and Case), during the school year.  That may change this year due to the budget battles going on at City Hall.  The RCB has been partially funded through the city for the last few years, and now even that funding may be going away.

It should be noted that the Racine Concert Band is one of the most highly decorated community bands in the State of Wisconsin.  It received the prestigious Sudler Silver Scroll from the Sousa Foundation in 1996, marking it as one of the top community bands in all of North America. 

If you live in Racine, I suggest you contact your alderperson to support the Racine Concert Band during the upcoming budget battles.  The band has been growing their fundraising over the past years, and will eventually be able to be self-sufficient.  But if the City of Racine drops all funding for the band, it will be extremely difficult for RCB, or any group of this type, to continue at the same level.

I like to think that I am a realistic person, not one to over-react.  But I am very nervous about the situation with the Racine Concert Band.  We all need to show support for this wonderful group.

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