Sunday, October 30, 2011

A different concert

Community music groups come in a number of different configurations: community bands, orchestras, church ensembles and the like. Every now and then a unique community group performs and I love to publicize it.

Such a group is the Oshkosh Horn Choir. The Choir is led by Professor Bruce Atwell at UWO and is made up of volunteer french horn players from all over eastern Wisconsin, with members driving to Oshkosh for rehearsals from as far away as Green Bay and Milwaukee. Many of these people also play in other community groups, but their love for the sound of the horn bring them together for this unique music making.

The Horn Choir's performance is at 7 PM on November 15 in the Music Hall of the Arts and Communications Center on the UWO campus. And I know that many of the musicians will gather at Fratello's after the concert. For those who may not know, Fratello's is located on the Fox River. The view in summer is spectacular. And Fratello's is the Oshkosh home of the Fox River Brewing Company. I can tell you from experience that the Scotch Ale is wonderful. After the concert, stop by and congratulate the group on the performance.

So, mark November 15 on your calendar. See you in Oshkosh. And say hi...I'll be taking pictures there!

And one more thing: it isn't often that I comment on concerts that I have attended, but I will take the space to mention the wonderful concert performed by the Menomonee Falls Symphony and the Daryl Stuermer band on SUnday the 23rd. The first half of the concert was made up of some light classics culminating with the finale of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. The second half was a symphonic presentation of the music of Genesis, performed by the Stuermer band with the backing of the orchestra. The orchestrations were tight and it was fun to see the string section playing some of the rock rhythms. All in all, an excellent concert. I would love to see Mr. Stuermer take this show on the road with other symphony orchestras, and if a CD of this music was offered, it would be in my collection right away. Great job MFSO! Great orchestrations Mr. Stuermer!

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mrpaul said...

never heard of a choir of french horns - very interesting!

i love the sound of a french horn - they are so versatile

soothing and meditative one moment, then powerful and majestic the next