Sunday, September 11, 2011

Special Concert: Menomonee Falls Symphony

Some of you may have seen the listing for the Menomonee Falls Symphony concert for October 23rd at 1 PM. The MFSO will be joined by none other than Daryl Stuermer, guitarist for Genesis. His group Genesis Rewired will join the MFSO for a symphonic look at the music of Genesis.

This is a special performance, and is a Thank You to the MFSO. Earlier this summer, the MFSO assisted Mr. Stuermer and Genesis Rewired in finalizing the symphonic arrangements. Now the Band is goining the Orchestra in performing this show here at the Sussex Fine Arts Center. I may be wrong, but I predict that Mr. Stuermer and the band will take this show on tour to play with many of the country's symphony orchestras. And the neat thing about this is that the MFSO had a key role in developing the arrangements.

Be sure to reserve October 23rd to join the Menomonee Falls Symphony and Genesis Rewired for an afternoon of wonderful music, from two very different genres: symphonic and rock!

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