Sunday, February 6, 2011

Upcoming concert: Knightwind Ensemble

My guess is that many of you are not familiar with the music of James Barnes, from the University of Kansas. His Third Symphony will be featured by the Knightwind Ensemble at their concert on Sunday April 3rd. The theme for the concert is Music From the Heart, and the Third Symphony is exactly that!

Commissioned by the United States Air Force Band in Washington DC, Barnes composed this major new symphony for band shortly after the death of his infant daughter. Constructed in four movements, the work begins in a mood of darkest despair and bitterness, then slowly progresses all the way to a feeling of joyous reconciliation and a renewal of spirit.

The Ensemble has begun rehearsing the piece and even the early rehearsals are sounding wonderful. I suggest you mark April 3 on your calendar just to hear this piece. It will take your breath away!

And you can check their web site for more information:

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