Sunday, March 1, 2009

More from the Milwaukee Festival Brass

Last week I mentioned the upcoming concert by the MFB at 3 PM on March 8th at Wisconsin Lutheran College. It will be a good one, so be sure to mark your calendar. Mine is!

Today I devote the posting to two programs of the Milwaukee Festival Brass: one an ongoing program, and one that is totally new.

The program that is continuing is the High School Apprentice Program. In the past, the MFB has invited talented high school students to audition for a few selected positions in Milwaukee Festival Brass. By playing some of the concerts in the series, students gain valuable experience by sitting next to seasoned players. The current group of HSAP players view Tuesday rehearsals as one of the highlights of their week. Auditions for new applicants to the apprentice program will be held in late April. Any brass or percussion player may audition. Check the Webpage, for more information or e-mail to

If you know of a high school student that really enjoys performing brass music, this program is one you should take a close look at. What a great opportunity for students to perform with a very talented group!

The new program being offered by the MFB is The Milwaukee Festival Youth Brass. MFB is proud to announce auditions for the debut year of a full blown brass band for students from about grade 7 through high school. This Youth Band is designed to acquaint students with the fabulous repertoire of the brass band and to challenge them to extraordinary new heights of brass and percussion playing. Auditions will be held in late April. Any brass or percussion player may audition. Check the Webpage for more information or e-mail to

So, congratulations to the Milwaukee Festival Brass for their innovative programs for the Milwaukee area. And be sure to attend their concert on March 8th. It will be a good one. I know I'll be there!

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