Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Big Game Day

Today is the day of the big game, the Super Bowl. I always have mixed emotions about this day, even if the Packers are playing.

I agree with the talking heads from ESPN who point out that the Super Bowl could be a bigger media event and party if held on Saturday night. It would certainly be easier for parents not to have to put their kids to bed in the middle of the third quarter. And the rest of us would have a day to recuperate before going back to work!

But that's not the main reason for the rant today. The main reason is that the Super Bowl folks schedule a show during half time, but do not produce a traditional football game half time show (at least in my opinion). I would love to see marching bands or drum corps perform at half time, maybe award winning units that would be chosen from the home areas of each of the teams. End the show with massed bands coming together for one big encore! That's what a half time show for a big football game should be. I'm already feeling goosebumps!

Ever since the Orange Bowl stopped showing marching bands and produced spectacles on rolling stages that no one in the stands could see, we have had very little in the way of traditional half time shows with marching bands and drum corps.

So, I'll be watching the game. And I'll be watching the Springsteen show. And I'll be wishing we could see a nationally acclaimed marching band instead.

But the nachos will be good!

UPDATE the next day: OK, maybe my rant was premature. The Springsteen show was excellent. The game was memorable. I guess this time the show was better than a marching band...

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