Sunday, September 7, 2008

Couple of things

I was hoping to have a season calendar for the different community music groups in the area, but it's taking longer to put together than I had hoped. I'll put that together for next week.

In the meantime, get out those old instruments, blow off the dust (maybe rinse them out if you need to), and get that lip back in shape...or get the sticks and the practice pad out and get the wrists moving again. Then check the post from August 21 and join in on the fun!

OR maybe you've just chuckled reading that last paragraph, knowing that there is no way you could ever play again. In that case, contact your favorite group and volunteer your time. Every group needs help, some at rehearsals, some only on concert dates. Personally, I know that the Knightwind Ensemble needs some help on dress rehearsal and concert days (two days in November and 2 days in March, and that's all the commitment needed). There is a lot to do and every group can use a little help. So, take a look at your calendar and ask yourself if you could volunteer four afternoons over the next 7 months or so. Then contact your favorite group's web site (see the post from August 21 for the links) and give them a hand. They'll appreciate it very much and you'll feel great about it.

Time is so much more valuable than money...of course, money is pretty good as well!

Finally, don't forget the first concert of the season by the Menomonee Falls Symphony, coming up on Wednesday evening September 10th at 7:30. See the details in the last post.

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