Thursday, May 22, 2008

More fun, part 2 and some thoughts

Turns out that the mess from last week filtered into this week. I found out on Monday that the truck reserved for the Senior home concert was changed to another local company....but they also changed the date of the rental. So, on the phone I went again. I got the rental corrected and assigned to a third local company, the one I am to use on Memorial Day. Later that day I called the local company and asked to verify both reservations. Lo and behold, all was well.

So, the Senior home concert went off without a hitch. And the people at the local rental company were very nice to work with. But I guess the lesson learned is that followup is always needed to catch mistakes and carelessness from the vendors and their partners. In this case, there were four different companies involved. I'm glad that the people at the last company were so nice...I plan on working with them again.

Memorial Day

There are two concerts to bring to your attention, both on Memorial Day, Monday May 26th. The first is the Knightwind Ensemble concert inside the Peck Welcome Center at the Milwaukee County Zoo at 1 PM. Free with your Zoo admission, the concert is an old fashioned band concert in the park. It will conclude with a special salute to our Armed Forces in observance of Memorial Day.

The second concert is at 5 PM at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center downtown presented by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Concert Band. This concert will also include patriotic music in observance of Memorial Day. Take in one or both of the'll have a great time and you'll be reminded of the reason we observe Memorial Day.

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